Watch The Colorado Awards

Streaming live October 24th at 6PM MDT.

Meet the 2020 winners. Giveaways all night long. Performances by Rachel Wolfson, David Gborie, and Doug Benson.

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This is The Grow-Off

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Science Meets Cultivation

The Grow-Off™ tests growing skill on a level playing field by having teams start with the same genetics. Instead of being judged subjectively by enthusiasts, winners are determined by third party lab results. Cash prizes are awarded based on the highest cannabinoids, terpenes, and, in some states, yield.

Please note that The Grow-Off™ does not produce or sell any cannabis and does not have production capabilities. If you’re looking for a grower or are interested learning how to grow, please visit our jobs page. Our mission is to help elevate growers, one competition at a time.