It was 2016 and I was the furthest on the fringe of cannabis I had been in seven years. Working as the cannabis critic for The Denver Post was a massive change from the industry jobs I had held previously and honestly, even my dream job didn’t stop me from missing it. Starting The Grow-Off was a way to reconnect with our friends on a better level than being the jerk who didn’t like their weed.

What we didn’t expect was how many amazing growers we’d meet. It’s a sad truth that in 2019, people are more divorced from who actually toils over the great cannabis they smoke than ever. The stereotypical image of a grower is some dude in his 20’s that has some lights in a basement. Instead, the people were interacted with were scientists. Mothers. Veterans.

We also had a chance to work hand-in-hand with small businesses that had caught lightning in a bottle and were itching to grow. When you’re in the weeds everyday with managing a store, a grow, trying to figure out how to do payroll in cash because you can’t get a bank account, and a host of other issues, expansion can feel like something you’ll get to tomorrow. How could we help them?

The Grow-Off Jobs is a culmination of those years of work. We want to help operations in newly legal states come online the right way, whether it’s finding the perfect head grower based on what you’re looking for to partnering you with an experienced company for an application. Use our pool of best-in-industry lighting, nutrient, and facility design resources to start out the right way. There are too many companies that throw good money after bad to not help where we can.

We’re also guided in our belief that social equity has to be a part of the cannabis industry moving forward. Being able to give people of color, women, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community meaningful opportunities in this space is paramount to helping heal the damage of our failed drug war. Working with the warriors who helped pave the way for legalization that have been growing for decades without a formal resume find jobs. Working with non-profits that will help bring along the next generation of advocates. This is the work we’re committed to.

Welcome to The Grow-Off Jobs.