Sweet Grass Kitchen


Sweet Grass Kitchen was one of our first entries into the competition, eager to prove that an edibles company can dominate traditional growers.

We knew they weren’t playing around when they told Vocativ in a July interview:

“We’re in it just to brag. We know we can win this,” said Gay of Sweet Grass Kitchen. “Our entire crew, we are all behind this contest, we all want to win it. We know that we uphold a really high standard here.”

Since their inception, Sweet Grass Kitchen has become synonymous with creative, effective, and delicious baked goods. Their harvests, cannabutter batches, and products are tested by multiple state licensed laboratories, so you can always count on consistent potency and effect. Founded by Julie Berliner in 2009, we’re excited to have them on board.

Follow their progress:

Website: SweetGrassKitchen.com

Type: Infused product manufacturer

Known for: Miniature Pumpkin Pies

Grower: Pete Gay


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