The California Prop 64 Awards

Happy Hour—Casino Night—Awards Ceremony

4/13 in Orange County. Invite only. 

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SINCE 2016 The Grow-Off has been throwing private parties to honor growers in California and Colorado. It’s an intimate environment where the community can come together, forget about their plants for a night, and have real conversations about cannabis cultivation. There’s nothing else like it in the world.

From pop-up barbershops to stilt walkers with bacon to free, very real tattoos, you never know what you might see but it’s always on the house. Farmers are the backbone of our industry and it’s our pleasure to give them the celebration they deserve.

We’re proud to partner with The State of Cannabiz to extend a limited number of invites to attendees that are interested in learning more about the competition and what it takes to grow world class cannabis in 2019.