Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique


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At Lucy sky we believe in the plant. We believe in the love, water and organic nutrients. We believe in our age old practice of less is more – the Power is in our Flower!”
From the day the first Lucy Sky Boutique opened in the Washington Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, Lucy Sky’s set the bar high with providing a clean, safe, organic environment for recreational and medicinal cannabis and merchandise.
The difference is evident from the moment one walks into the Boutique. Each location is stylish and inviting; the Cannabis Advisors seem more like the kinds of people you’d find behind a wellness clinic counter rather than a marijuana scale. Each Cannabis Advisor is trained to learn the unique story of every customer, educate each visitor, and take a genuine interest in the cannabis experience of all patrons; to nurture each relationship.
This nurturing starts at the cultivation facility, where every plant is cultivated from the flower stage and hand trimmed. The plants are cared for, inspected, and tended to by hand. Nothing is automated. When the buds are delivered to the boutiques, they’re weighed for each customer, deli-style. Nothing is pre-packaged.

Lucy Sky takes its mission of ‘Changing Lives,’ seriously, by ramping up community giving and encouraging Cannabis Advisors and Cultivation Technicians to consider their place in the community and discover ways to reach out to their locality.

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Type: Retail dispensary

Grower: Brandon Webby

Known for: Willie’s Reserve
Located in: Denver