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From their site:

Kind Love is one of Colorado’s most talked about Medical Marijuana Centers! Since February, 2010 Kind Love has been serving Colorado MMJ patients with medicinal grade, high quality natural medicine. Our medical marijuana is grown locally in a Kind Love warehouse where experienced growers take the time and effort necessary to produce the most exceptional medicine available.

We use organic nutrients to treat plants and take extra care in the curing and trimming stages to deliver beautiful, safe, disease free medicine. While many centers make use of trimming machines to speed up production, Kind Love takes pride in employing seasoned trimmers to manicure each bud by hand. Although the process takes longer, hand trimming conserves the flower’s trichomes thus delivering a more potent and effective product. Kind Love is responsible for about 90% of the medicine on our shelves, including a variety of hash concentrates.

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Type: Retail dispensary

Grower: John Torkelson

Known for: Bordello

Located in: Denver