What is The Grow-Off?

The Grow-Off is a brand new cannabis growing competition based in science. Growers receive the same clone to start, so it's a [...]

What is The Grow-Off?2017-03-13T21:06:23+00:00

Why should I participate?

Benefits to joining: • Cash and supply prizes from our generous sponsors. • Free testing of your sample courtesy of our lab [...]

Why should I participate?2017-03-13T22:05:34+00:00

How do I win The Grow-Off?

We will be awarding cash and supply prizes in the categories of Potency, Flavor and Yield.

How do I win The Grow-Off?2017-03-13T22:21:33+00:00

What strain will we be given?

It's a secret! In order to preserve the level playing field, growers will need to identify this in real time. What we [...]

What strain will we be given?2017-03-13T22:23:27+00:00