Colorado Product Services

From their site:

Colorado Product Services, LLC operates one of the top cannabis cultivations, infusion kitchens, and extraction studios in the state of Colorado.  Inside our custom built indoor garden, CPS’ award-winning master growers use proprietary methods that produce high potency strains which achieve unprecedented levels of quality and flavor unrivaled anywhere. The garden was designed so that each plant can be hand nurtured, ensuring optimal health and quality throughout the grow cycle.  Our multi-million dollar extraction studio features cutting edge machines operated by a team of true artisans. CPS’ brand new infusion kitchen is led by a true culinary genius who has perfected the art of creating some of the most unique and delicious edibles available today. Colorado Product Services is Powered by Science and Fueled by Nature.

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Website:  ColoradoProductServices.com
Type: Independent Cultivator

Grower: Team Grown

Known for: Jimi’s Cannabis Collection

Located in: Carbondale