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If you had to grow the same clone as your competitors, how would you stack up?

Called the “Iron Chef of Pot”, The Grow-Off fundamentally changed what it means to have a cannabis competition when we launched in 2016. 43 recreational dispensaries signed up for the challenge; now, we work with over 200 growers in two states.

We’re proud to announce that, for the first time in Colorado, the 2019 competition is open to microgrows! Anyone 21+ can apply, regardless of licensing.


Beat The Competition.

Why compete in The Grow-Off?

  • Real results. We don’t take a dime from dispensaries for sponsorship and winners are determined by lab results, not booth sales. We’re transparent about how you finished and there’s no algorithm that can be manipulated. It’s science, like it should be.
  • We’re compliant. We know how important your business is to you, and our compliance team makes sure you’re covered at every step.
  • It’s exhilarating. Coming up with a strategy and innovating as you go makes this a whole different game than a traditional cup.
  • You party. With events throughout the competition, we make sure you’re having a blast, and it’s always private, industry only.
  • Score new genetics. We source elite genetics so you’ll have something new and exciting to play around with.
  • Built-in marketing. We promote each brand throughout the competition so customers know where to find this special strain.

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