Canna Farmer

From their site:

Born out of a love for the flavors and aromas that can be coaxed from the cannabis plant, founder Kevin Farmer opened CannaFarmer in 2015.  Farmer has always had a love for the high mountains of Colorado where he found a twelve acre piece of land to cultivate cannabis.  Located in San Juan County at 9,400 feet, CannaFarmer’s farm is set in and among the beautiful pine and aspen trees that blanket San Juan National Forest and the gentle flowing Mineral Creek that runs through the entire farm. The small town of Silverton has become home to one of the finest cannabis facilities in Colorado.

“Cannabis grown at 9,400 feet with care for the environment, employees, and community simply tastes better.”

Kevin Farmer, Founder

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Website:  Canna-Farmer.com
Type: Independent Cultivator

Grower: Kevin Farmer

Known for: Platinum OG, Tangie

Located in: Silverton