A new breed of cannabis competition: The Grow-Off uses science to crown champs

Pay for play — that’s how many in the cannabis industry describe the countless competitions that have popped up over the years to crown the so-called best growers and makers of marijuana concentrates and pot-infused edibles.

While most of these award categories celebrate the Best Strain or Best Extract, industry insiders have long suggested that a more accurate trophy title would read something like: Spent Most Money on Booth and Sponsorship.

And that’s what’s so intriguing about the Grow-Off, a new marijuana-growing competition starting this year in Colorado’s recreational market. The Grow-Off, which plans on expanding to other regulated markets in 2017, gives each participant identical clones — the origin of which is completely unknown to the growers. Months later, Grow-Off organizers will assess the plants’ yields and take a sample of the product to a sponsoring lab, which will test the bud for potency and flavor profiles in lab-grade machines that retail in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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